not the ghost of a chance, settler

performance documents + documentation


San Francisco, CA


An attempt to quiet eternally unsettled and unsettling realities, a gesture towards settler epistemologies that pray for the finite and finished. This is a practice that is dependant upon breathless archives, upon static truth, upon cultural amnesia, upon short-sighted narrative. Just like stability, this is a myth.

Know this is a map, an elaborate cartography that traces connection and violent rupture across the instable iterations of place. It details the landscape of absence, the rivers of blood that run swift currents from now to nowhere, the chasm of settler-colonialism turning in on itself.


Part of 16th and Mission Performance Series

with Black Salt Collective

Hosted by The Lab, San Francisco, CA


With percussive soundscapes, text/ile abstractions, and visual movements, Black Salt Collective leans into spatial ruptures that exist within the constraints of settler colonialism and displacement. Acknowledging the current fever pitch of gentrification in the Bay Area as a layer upon layers of ongoing colonial occupation, forced migration, stolen labor, legislative theft, economic racism, institutional oppression, we emphasize an understanding of site that implicates all of us in its undoing.