sispeyú nit, she decorated me with flowers


2016 Residency program

Krowswork, Oakland, CA

July 2016





há kȕ sməká nȉ 'i s̥iy-sa'akšan h̯il̂əhə' hil̂iyalhaˈputš

FB A-i-R

Facebook HQ

Menlo Park, CA

May - June 2016 



collaborative print archive

with Black Salt Collective

FB A-i-R

Facebook HQ

Menlo Park, CA

May - June 2016 

Visions Into Infinite Archives

curated by Black Salt Collective

Commons Curatorial Residency

SOMArts, San Francisco, CA

January - February 2016


Black Salt Collective honors the non-linearity of time with an infinite archive of universal depths. We not only imagine a future that sheds white supremacist, heterosexual, and patriarchal ideals, we create a universe where the dreams of our ancestors and the hopes of our descendents live and interact. We create a universe where there are alternative futures and alternative pasts, where oracles become realities, where histories are honored and transmuted, where deep healing can take place. With careful composition and intention, we will transform the constriction of the gallery into this Black Salt universe.

Comprised of objects, bodies, conversations, and multimedia artworks, this universe is in constant dialogue and flux. We will present both created objects and objects that are, or are based on outsider perception/projection, of our respective cultures. We situate our non-linear cultural narratives in such a way as to not diminish their complexity, playing on temporal-spatial relations to show interdependence and fluidity, traits we strive for as a collective. The objects and events are significant not because they are precious, but because they demand an overwhelming presence. Negating the pretense of an archive that distorts and fractures the relationship between living culture, object and community, our archive supersedes these binds through complex and interdependent narratives held within and beyond us. Visions into Infinite Archive manifests the dynamic capacity of a boundless and liminal archive.






collaboration with Grace Rosario Perkins

xerox prints, papier mâche, canvas, rayon, silk, velvet, linen, oil cloth, wood, acrylic paint, acrylic yarn, wool yarn, cotton thread, filament, and rabbit fur

dimensions variable

Passage and Place

Alley Cat Books

San Francisco, CA

National Queer Arts Festival 2014

Using thread to document the current status of Indian land held in trust by the federal government and creating alternative visual tools to mark landless and displaced tribes through three dimensional forms, this cross-tribal collaboration intends to draw attention to the shifting planes of enclosure and extraction: the colonial division of space is no longer limited to land but expanded to the minerals and water beneath it as well as the skies above. Layering textile, sculpture, illustration and family photographs to embody these multi-scalar struggles, the installation contends with the complexity and interdependence of personal and collective experiences. A visual challenge to the joint projects of attempted Indigenous elimination and the carving up of space according to colonial whim, these textiles-as-cosmology refuse to separate our cultures of origin from site, acknowledging that our languages, ceremonies, and senses of self are bound up in the questions of displacement, migration, and home